How to Maintain Your Seafront Property

how to maintain your seafront property

Although the Cypriot climate and weather conditions in Cyprus are perfect for all year living next to the sea, it is evident that many seafront properties are not in use all year long. Many owners only stay in their seafront houses during the summertime and on their holidays. Maintaining a property is very important in the long run and it keeps the house in a good condition over the years. Here you can find a few tips for how to maintain your seafront property.

Maintaining Metal and Wood

Because of the high moisture levers in the air close to sea locations, materials like metal and wood can be distorted through time. Metallic items are usually the ones that catch rust or even salt crystals built up on their surface.  A way to fix this problem is to scrape the rust off the metallic item and then coat it with a layer of metal primer. For the salt layers that build up, fresh water can remove the crystals easily. Wood also absorbs a lot of moisture and that can cause mold on the surfaces. Many owners chose to replace the wood with recycled plastic that can give the wood-like texture and appearance that wood has. On the other hand, there are ways you can make your wood surfaces and furniture waterproof and that is by applying oil on the wooden surface, sealing it, or staining it.

Outdoor Accessories, Tools, and Furniture

Usually, owning a house or property involves owning outdoor accessories, tools, and furniture. Many owners tend to cover the objects and place them in a storage room until the next time they will visit the house. This is a problem since wrapping them can incubate mould again because of the high levels of moisture in the atmosphere. Instead by using multi-purpose protection sprays the tools and accessories can stay protected from mold and rust.

how to maintain your seafront property

Painting the House Exterior Regularly

Because of the high moisture level in the atmosphere, the brightness of the sun, and the salty air near the sea, the house exterior will need regular painting. A fresh coat of paint sealer once a year will help the property come back to life and its colourful brightness but also protects and maintains the outside walls of the property.

Cleaning the Air Conditioners

Because of the high temperatures in Cyprus, it becomes impossible for owners not to have air conditioning in their houses. Living next to the sea is always better since the fresh air and wind from the sea are always refreshing and relaxing but the air conditioning is always a must for the super-hot summer days of the year. you need to make sure that the air conditioning filters are cleaned before using them. After some time of inactivity, the filters collect dust and that can be very unhealthy for the human body to absorb and breathe the dusty air from the air conditioner.

These are only a few tips from the many that can help maintain the seafront property clean and healthy to live in. Taking into consideration the high levels of moister in the sea, and the hot weather conditions in Cyprus, this will help you realize the things that will probably need a little extra care to maintain in your property.